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Concerning the places where you can enjoy crystal clear waters of Parga are enough. The most famous beaches of Parga are: 


  • Kryoneri: H central beach of Parga is located within Parga. It is a small, clean, sandy beach with sand and pebbles. The beach is located below the main road of Parga and facing the beautiful and picturesque island of Virgin Mary, just a few meters away from the beach, that someone can even visit by swimming.

  • Valtos: The Valtos beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece. It is the diamond of Parga for locals but for many visitors. Located behind the Venetian Castle of Parga and extends to the foot of the monastery of Vlacherna. In this beach there are restaurants and cafes and almost all water sports.

  • Sarakiniko: One of the most beautiful beaches of Parga is situated 19 km from Parga. With crystal clear waters and fine sand. Offers a quiet and peaceful holiday.

  • Lichnos: The beach Lichnos, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Parga. Situated in a beautiful and natural surroundings and just 4 km away from Parga. The beach Lichnos surrounded by green mountains and the olive groves of Parga and in combination with the blue and crystal clear waters make it the most favorite beach of tourists.

  • Ai-Giannakis: A small sandy beach near the village of Agia Kyriaki.


Nearby beaches

  • Sivota Beaches: Near the village of Syvota and just 20 km from Parga, there are also other beautiful beaches such as Zeri, the Zavia, Great Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Bella Braka and many more that will impress with cleanliness and the color of the water.

  • Karavostasi Beach: The beach is located in Perdika. A long and wide, with clear deep blue waters and beautiful nature.

  • Acheron River: In the mountains of Souli, at an altitude of 1,600 meters, just 2 km. From the village Glyki we find the sources of Acheron. Creating in its wake immense peacefulness landscapes and unique natural beauty, the mythical river continues undaunted in endless journey to the sea pouring over the Ionian Sea, near the Ammoudia.




  • The historic Venetian Castle.
  • The island with the church.
  • The ecclesiastical museum downtown.
  • The church of St. Nicholas, patron saint of Parga.
  • The Monastery of Agia Vlacherna.
  • The chapel Ai.Sosti under the rock in a unique landscape overlooking the homonymous beach.
  • The cobbled streets in the city.
  • The castle "Ali Pasa" at Anthousa.
  • The underwater source of the bay The Giannakis.
  • Natural caves in Lichno.
  • The dozens of churches in the city.
  • The Paragaea mill with a history of 100 year



Parga is located in northwestern Greece and belongs to the prefecture of Preveza. Due to the location of Parga enjoys a panoramic view to the Mediterranean, at the foot of a Venetian castle. It is built and influenced by the Italian style. A picturesque village with beautiful cobbled, narrow streets adorned with local products of the region, a magical castle on top of the village, several traditional taverns, shops and trendy bars where you can enjoy your cocktails while watching the Sea.

Also in the bay of Lichnos in Parga, there are the famous sea caves. A walkthrough with boating is a unique experience that you will be impressed by the magnificent beauty and silence.

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